TKD Forms App Reviews

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should organize

you should organize the forms by the belts color.

Great to learn

All forms are done in a slow way great for learning. I Hope there will also be Taeguk videos soon but at this price the diagrams and step by step instructions alone are worth the purchase. No heavy books to carry around anymore! Great App, Five Stars at least!


I had high hopes for the new videos but for naught. They are just as terrible as the first video set. The stances are wrong, the direction of many techniques are wrong and the performance, speed and application of the techniques are wrong. I use these videos to teach my students what NOT to do. This performer is definitely not an ITF black belt from any standard in the last 20 years. There are a lot of ITF or chang hon black belts out there that I am sure would have been willing to do these videos. Please find one because these were terrible.


Sorry to say that I am disappointed by this app but I am. I dont normally complain but in this case I feel compelled. The ITF patterns are missing a tun of detail and honestly not being performed to their potential. If you are looking for a teaching aid this is not the ap for you.

1.1 much better

Video easily makes it worth $2 bucks. Needed something to help me remember the forms & this will do it. However, diagram resolution still awful -- fix that & Ill give it 4 stars.

ITF? More Like What the F

NO hip snap whatso ever in the video. id be embarressed to show these blurry videos to any of my students. also wheres the blackbelt patterns

Absolutely Love This!!!!!!

What a great help. Thank you for the app.

 down

This Is a bad app, some fourms are wrong, like dosan is missing 5 moves

What is your master thinking when he see this

I have two children in TKD and thought that this would be a great tool for them, our master and black belts were very disappointed with your videos, and your lack of enthusiasium!


VERY sloppy, thought this would be a nice ap to refer to while teaching class, but we al just laughed at the sloppy moves, lackluster effort and tennis shoes. How can you show proper foot placement in those chunky shoes? I wanted my money back after watching the first pattern. Deleted!


Adding the side video was nice. However, can you please get someone who actually knows how to do ITF patterns to do the videos? None of the techniques were performed properly and some patterns were missing moves.

Great App!!

this is great for the parents who need to help their kids. Keep in mind it may not be how it was taught to you as taekwondo has many forms and over the years things have been changed or such. It is more of a refresher to help keep you on track. I would love to see this as a app for Droids and other phones. remember your forms can alway be corrected!! I love the 2 way videos only would be nice to know where the ki hap are.

Great app. Worth the money.

This is a great app! This is a very good study guide, as a quick reference to your formal class studies. I have recommended this app to several people in my TKD school. My only criticism is that the black belt performing the forms on the videos has very sloppy technique. He goes through the forms without any crisp moves, as if he’s not trying at all. Admittedly, this could be done intentionally, to slow everything down for learning purposes. Still, it makes it a little painful to watch. The overall purpose though, is to remind you of what you learned in class. He does provide all the movements to get the job done. I also wish you could zoom in on the form diagrams as they are very small and hard to read. Bottom line: Great concept Great design Great app Worth every penny!


the videos showed me how good of a martial artist I am! I wanna do my patterns just like this guy! ( he says sarcastically)

Tkd forms

Videos dont work and no response from "maker". I would give no stars.

TKD Brown Belt Student Review

I could understand an instructor slowly demonstrating a form so that each move is visible, but nothing this man does seems deliberate with the exception of changing direction. Chambers are almost if not completely non-existent. It seems that the videos may be helpful to remember the pattern of movement, but not the moves themselves. The illustrations do show landed moves, but they remind me of a connect the dot. You may find the first 3 dots easily, but then you have to scan for the next number which may bring you from the bottom of the chart to the top. Ambiguous at best. I believe that parents and students who are hoping to find reminders for forms would be far better off going on You Tube, searching for the form in question, then seeing which result resembles your dojos interpretation of the form the most. There may be differences in how it is performed, but, in my experience, they are close enough to jar my memory.

Great tool

I have been doing and teaching TaeKwondo for 15 years. These forms are correct. People should remember certain Masters have changed moves over the years.

MISLEADING--dont buy

No video for Taeguk forms!

Poor at best

This would not be a bad app if it worked. I have been doing TKD for over 30 years and thought this would be a nicer tool for students, but the videos do not work and the people that made this app dont really seem to care! They got their money and thats all that counts.

Good app

Used it to learn do San before the test

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